Online Classes for 7yrs & Up

October 5 - October 31 (4 weeks)

Times Listed in both Pacific and Central time zones

Keep moving and dance with us from home with Live interactive classes. All Live classes are 40 minutes, once per week (see schedule below).  Each student will also receive access to a library of pre-recorded 30-minute "mini-classes" with dance combinations & more in various styles such as Jazz, Hip Hop, and Contemporary. Instructors include Ms. Brianna, Ms. Jesse, Ms. Sydney, & Ms. Patrice.

What You Get

What You Need

  • One live weekly class for four weeks PLUS

  • 1-month access to a library of "mini" classes

  • A phone, tablet or computer with access to internet/Wi-fi

  • A safe space, free of distractions for your child to move (living room, bedroom, garage, etc)

How To Take Live Classes

  • Download the Zoom  app                   (compatible with all devices)

  • When it's time for class, visit the Zoom app or website and click "Join Meeting" then enter in the meeting ID (provided after registration)

How To Access Pre-Recorded Classes

  • Download the BAND app               (compatible with all devices)

  • Once registered, you will receive an "invite" to your child's class folder where videos are accessible though October 31.


Step 1. Make your selection below and make payment. 

Step 2. Complete a registration form HERE

Step 3.  Dance!!

Ballet 1

Friday | 3:45-4:25p PT / 5:45-6:25p CT

A beginning ballet class that will focus on learning the basics of ballet through barre and center dance combinations. Taught by Ms. Sydney 



Ballet 3

Tuesday | 4:30-5:10p PT / 6:30-7:10p CT

An intermediate level ballet class to condition and build strength with a barre and center combinations. Teacher: Ms. Brianna 



Hip Hop


Friday | 5:20-6:00p PT / 7:20-8:00p CT

A fun, high energy dance class full of hip hop moves, grooves and freestyling. Taught by Ms. Jesse.



RKDC Jr.Company

Tuesday | 5:20-6:00p PT 

This class is specifically for students that have been members of the Winter 2020 RKDC Jr. Company only. Class will focus on conditioning, strength, and choreography. Taught by Ms. Brianna. 



Ballet Fundamentals

Wednesday | 3:45-4:25p PT / 5:45-6:25p CT

Students learn beginner ballet technique vocabulary through ballet barre combinations and choreography. Boys and girls welcome. Taught by Ms. Patrice.


$50   Canceled

Hip Hop


Wednesday | 4:30-5:10p PT / 6:30-7:10p CT

An energizing class with fun choreography and confidence-busting moves. Taught by Ms. Patrice. 



Musical Theatre

Wednesday | 5:20-6:00p PT / 7:20-8:00p CT

Learn the fundamentals of musical theatre dancing through a fun, energetic warm up, some jazz technique and fun dance combinations to your favorite songs from musicals! Teacher: Ms. Patrice




Thursday | 4:45-5:25p PT / 6:45-7:25 CT

Yoga and Pilates have many benefits -connecting movement to breath, mindfulness, flexibility, and strength. Ms. Brianna introduces poses and conditioning for dancer's daily use.



Ballet 2

Tuesday | 3:45-4:25p PT / 5:45-6:25p CT

Ballet 2 builds on beginning level technique. Pre-requisite: ballet 1 or instructor approval. Class includes ballet barre & center work. Taught by Ms. Brianna 



Jazz - Open

Thursday | 4:00-4:40p PT / 6:00-6:40p CT

Geared towards pre-teens and teens. Students learn dance conditioning, combinations & create their own dances too! Teacher: Ms. Brianna




Friday | 4:30-5:10p PT / 6:30-7:10p CT

Students learn expressive movements and choreography. Geared towards pre-teens & teens.  Warm up, conditioning and dance combinations with teacher Ms.  Sydney



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